About Our Storage Solutions - Longwood Storage

About Us

Longwood Storage Company has been the community’s convenient storage place for a number of years. We knew that people in the area needed some extra room, which is why we opened with our tenants in mind. We are a business dedicated to serving individuals and businesses in our area by providing the best in convenience. And now with some recent upgrades, we made the rental process easier than ever. We decided to embrace the new technology and leave the historic places to our surrounding cities. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

College Storage

Longwood Storage Company provides student storage for our oft-forgotten college students in our community. You might think you could get along without the use of college storage, but once you utilize such an affordable convenience, you’ll never go back to overstuffed dorm storage again.

We can’t help who you share a room with this semester, but we can help how you organize your room. For old furniture and books and supplies that just take up space, let Longwood Storage Company be your only place. Get ahead of those semester break moves by having that one place to store your things. And with our new and improved website, completing the rental process all online is sure to make busy college students happy. Check out all that we have on offer and book your rental today.